About Sonata Music
About Sonata Music


Music is a universal language with the potential to inspire and connect millions of people.

This exact belief embodies Sonata Music’s philosophy—to provide students with an opportunity to build a relationship with music.

Sonata Music has been a predominant music store in Toronto since its opening in 1998. We pride ourselves in not only product quality but also artistic enrichment.

Since its founding, the dedicated staff have consistently strived to enrich their students’ musical education through interactive teaching and artistic freedom. Music education encourages the development of both soft and technical skills, allowing students to develop fundamental attributes that will assist them in the future for any type of education or work. This includes communication skills, self-discipline, work ethic, and collaborative skills.

With a strong community connected over music, Sonata Music operates as both a music store and a school, where students have the freedom to learn music and discover their inner artist.